Michael Paulo News

Aloha All, My new single is out March 11th . Blink of an eye produced by my friend Paul Brown features my first single release on the tenor sax ! Check out a nice comment form a old time jazz radio programmer form my One Passion Days “

“This song is freakin’ gorgeous!! Do you have any idea what a joy it is to get a song that has melody, emotion and such beautiful sax tone and texture in the middle of a glut of releases that are “toe tapping infectuous grooves” and sound almost AI generated. It kinda reminds me of “Mason’s House” one of my faves by U and yeah, power oldie” The full record is done and will be available this month . It was an emotional experience remembering and celebration my dad’s legacy . A very big mahalo to all who helped me produce the record with your donations .

We have tone more show at Grooves at The Westin , Live From La Costa is happening May 11, June 8 , 15 and 29 th more info will be posted at www.livefromlacossta.com and Rhythm on the Vine starts July 21 thru September 29th 2024 . For my east coast fans Im coming out to you and will be at the 33rd annual Berks Jazz festival . Please visit the Berks jazz festival website for more info . I will be at the Java Jazz Festival May 24 to 26 . ! I will be at Jazz at the Plaza in Los Gatos on July 24th . I will be performing live more this year as my dad’s passing has inspired me to get out more and play and share the gift of music that he gave me with you . Life is short do what you enjoy and spread love to the world . Mahalo for your support ,