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Michael Paulo uses Rico select Jazz Reeds .He has been using Rico Products since he began playing the saxophone at age 15. He plays Beechler no. 7 metal mouth pieces .Michael Paulo plays Yanigasawa Custom Pink Gold Alto, the new Custom Tenor Pink Gold WO37 series  and Curved Soprano .

11822777_623754374432077_2003826318735993435_nGot my yanigasawa new and improved custom tenor sax . I absolutely love it ! Best tenor I ever had. Great full tone. Effortless to blow and intonation unreal . It’s like going from a compact car to a high end sports car. Mahalo to my friend Kanzaki and the folks at yanigasawa . Made with high quality in Japan and not China ! If you are thinking about a high quality instrument. Buy this and be done with it the rest of your life . My only regret is I wish I had this thirty years ago


Michael Paulo is available for producing and recording sessions. Please fill out the request form and specify what you would need. Number of songs to be recorded and what the project is for. Session rates will be based on this information. All that is required is a stereo mix of your track sent on a CD rom in aiff or sounddesigner files. Specify the tempo, for example 98bpm and make sure your track starts on beat 1. I will overdub a minimum of 2 takes and send it back to you via the same format. Your engineer can then mix it into your song. I will allow one re take if you are not satisfied.Rate is a flat rate inclusive of artist fee, studio and engineer. Mail CD’s to 23811 Washington Ave., Suite. C110-123, Murrieta,Ca. 92562. Thankyou